ITSU Pandora Box V2.0


Nothing strikes Pandora’s box like ITSU’s footstool. What you discover inside might be unexpectedly pleasing and surprising at the same time. Pandora deliver precise acupuncture and pressure point massage that stimulates the human touch, giving you superior comfort and ultimate relaxation. Pandora Box V2.0 is integrated with 20 stool airbags, 5 hands airbags program, heat therapy for knee & legs. In addition, it also posses flexible structure and removable cloth on the inside for convenient cleaning. It is able to stretch out to the height of your legs to reach your knees and fit comfortably on your lower body. Pandora Box V2.0 comes in a package with Pandora Plus and is very convenient to move around as it is small and light with remarkable functions. It can be sat on as a stool and also be used to place laptops or any reading materials as a multi functional stool.

  • 3 Automatic Programs (per 15 minutes)
  • 20 Airbags Massage (Omnidirectional Massages for Arms, Foot, Knee, Calf, Sole and Hip)
  • 5 Manual Airbag Massage Programs
  • Stool Seating
  • Angle Controller
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40CM(H) X 44CM(W) X 44CM(L)


Blue, Espresso


12 Months