and unwind with ITSU Suki,

A massage sofa that truly understands your neds. Signature gear box and 6-rollers technology with 6 carefree auto programs and 5 manual programs, comforting your every muscle

Massage Chair, Recliner
– In ONE


home essential with space saving design and soft colours retractable footrest allows transformation in one smooth flip.


Ergonomically designed for total comfort and relaxation.

Massage Chair

Top to toe massage for relax indulgence and pain relief.

a Warm Thought

Experience the warm embrace with Heat Function, effectively promotes blood circulation and reducing the symptoms of cold hands & feet.


  Shape & Tone

A beautiful toned body does not just happen. Speed up your gym goals with ITSU signature air pressure shaping massage to reduce the appearance o cellulite, giving you firmer strength to walk with confidence

Arch Neck

Got “Text Neck”? Let ITSU Suki ease your stiff neck and shoulder, so you can keep your head up so you can look at the world, straight in the eye.

 Sweet Home

It’s a don’t-feel-like doing-anything day again, laze in ITSU Suki to enjoy light & relax massage while enjoying your favourite drama.


The best part of going to work is to come home at the end of the day. After a warm shower, enjoy deep and powerful massage that relieves the tension of your neck, waist, back and hips.

 The Traveller

Gentle kneading and tapping relieves numbness of your muscles after a long drive, this massage program also ends with relaxing mode that helps you to achieve deeper sleep.

 Shop & Relax

When you get tired after shopping, sit down and try on shoes! Shopaholic’s favourite program with spot-on massage on the waist, hips and legs to eliminate soreness and reduce water retention of the lower body.

5Manual Programs

ITSU Suki is equipped with 5 manual programs, which includes Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knead & Tap, and Knocking that allows you to be in control to achieve ultimate relaxation.

Zero Gravity

Achieve the most ultimate full body relaxation with built-in Zero Gravity function. Impressed by the float-in-the-air experience that the release stresses of body through weightless reclined position.

Bluetooth Speaker

Indulge in comfort of massage with your favourite music, convenient device pairing and connection in a single click.

Minimalist & Mobile

ITSU Suki weighs only 39kg, which makes it easy for rearrangement in your space. Its stylish streamline design is also highly versatile to complement any interior style.

Space-saving Design

Intelligent front slide technology, the back of the massage chair requires only 6cm of space away from the wall when retracted, prefect even for compact living.